Monthly Partners

Instructions for Online Giving with Link Below

We don’t go to Japan alone.  We go as we are sent.  We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit at work to not only call us to Japan, but to call wonderful people like you to “join us in the journey” and support the work that God is going to do.

As Assembly of God Missionaries, our entire budget, both right now as we are in this “itineration” stage, and then as we leave, is funded by supporters like you! So, we are so grateful for everyone who partners with us to take the Good News of Christ’s love to Japan!

So here is how that is done:


    • The link after these instructions to “Click Here to Give and Partner…” will take you to a secure giving portal used by the Assemblies of God World Missions to not only provide you an opportunity to give, but also to make a FAITH PROMISE of a monthly commitment of support.
    • If you want to receive e-mail updates from us, check the “share my e-mail with the missionary” box.

    • To support us monthly, please select or enter the amount the Lord is calling you to give and then click the “Set Up New Recurring Schedule” button.


    • This will then take you to the next screen where a check-box is pre-checked as “Faith Commitment”
    • This is important – Please leave that box checked if you want to make this a monthly faith promise.  If that “Faith Commitment” box is checked it will automatically count as a monthly “Faith Promise” and will help us tremendously as God uses you to supply the monthly budget required to send us.


    • After you hit “Proceed to Checkout” you will have a page with login options.
    • IMPORTANT:  “CHECKOUT AS GUEST” is the easiest way!  

    • You will be asked later if you want to set up an AG Passport account – DO NOT TRY TO SET IT UP FIRST – just “Checkout as guest”
    • ONLY, if you already have an AG Passport account you can login that way.
    • Follow the promptings on the screens.
    • Many will prefer to checkout as a guest and have the option to have an account created through the checkout process where you can later review your giving records.
    • Just an FYI – if you already have an AG Passport, you can STILL checkout as guest and they will align those accounts on the backend after you contribute.
    • Another FYI – if you have issues with the site, you can always contact AG Contributer Services at 1-877-840-4800 (9am-4pm CST)

    • Please contact us when you complete the above process
      • We would like to say “Thank You” and add you to our mailing list to keep you up-to-date with our progress.
    • Please contact us if for any reason you have trouble with the site
      • The online portal is secure and helpful to us, but if you would like a paper pledge form to mail in we would be happy to send that as well, just contact us.
    • Either way, please feel free to e-mail us.
    • Thank you for your monthly support and constant prayer as we pursue God’s call to share Jesus with Japan!

    • Please share our website link with others on your social media.

    • Share with your Pastor or Church Missions Committee

      • We would LOVE the opportunity to come to your church at their invitation to share what God is doing.
      • If you would like a Faith Commitment form, please contact us by e-mail and we will send you one.
        • Any church or individual can support us, no matter the denomination or affiliation – and Assembly of God pastors are familiar with these forms!
        • AGWM account # 245910
      • Your endorsement of our ministry will mean a lot, and we are so grateful!
    • Now, thank you for clicking the button below in order to partner with us and invest in what God is doing in Japan!